Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yes he can!

Today is obamas first day in office. And what happens? This! And this, and this! And THIS! Aswell as this, and this! And Shanghai stockexchange is already up .6%! Change is coming fast!
Maybe you say, lots of these news are from australia, but australia is 16 hours before us! Obama has been in office longer there!
Yes he can!


  1. Yeah dude,Obama is most def already kicking it. You rock, President O! (the fish I don't know about though, how that is related, you know)

  2. Dude, missed the link on Jesus Christ. I swear that has happened to me to likea million times!Thanks for sharing

  3. For the love of everything that is Holy!

    Surely, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, you must be joking now? Or would you seriously have us believe that you think this "Obama" character, whoever he is, could be responsible for such a disparate set of event?

    Today I can but shake sadly on my head for you, Mr Jimmy "Slim" Morales, because if you do not yourself see the impossibility of any causual connection between the shocking fish drama and the exciting lava lamp incident (what a thing!) then you are thoroughly misguided, Philosophywise.

    I can see how a layman could commit the mistake, though.


    Horace Q. Horatius,