Tuesday, January 20, 2009

From accountants point of view

Today, as always, I read my favourite newspaper, The International Herald Tribune. But today, I got upset! Because they had this article! Now, I'm an accountant, so I know about these things! They should not go upset the government like that! We must trust that men in power do their best. And as I say, I´m an accountant, so I have some informative opinions here. It is as if should write in the newspaper, but I´m not a journalist!
 If the government says a banks assets is this or that, surely they know best! They have, after all, some very good accountants, my colleagues!


  1. Do not be sad my friend! I have this problem all the time! They say to me, "this transistor you build, it´s not like Sony transistor!". So I say, "No, it is BETTER than Sony transistor!". When we face unknowleadgable peoples, we must be strong, and remember Rama, and how he triumphed over Supra-Nagara!

  2. Ahhh, Dear "Slim", please you should remember that in some cultures 'voodoo' is a form of cleansing rituale maybe they mean well with what in your mind is wrong? (also for non-belivers 'voodoo' is harmless)