Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My new job!

I have not posted for a while! Because, you see, I have been very busy! Together with my best friend Rajeev, I have started a new buisness, on the side! It´s a very smart operation: we send out advice to people we think need it, and ask them to pay us if they think it is good advice! We have not made much money yet, but we have sent out alot of advice!  I am starting to get a little worried though, that they might use our advice, but not pay us? For instance, one of my first customers was president Obama, to whom I suggested he do something about the economy. The economy is, as you all know, very important. Now it would look as he has taken my advice, but he has not yet paid the fee. Any suggestions? (not advice please, as I am a bit short of money at the moment.)

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